Wonderfull Hang Son Doong: The biggest cave in the world is actually even bigger!

TheHang Son Doong cave, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, was discovered quite by accident in the year of 1991. by a resident of the area, Ho Khanh. While hunting in the jungle, Khanh came across the hole in the mountain. He felt the wind and heard the sound of the river, but after he left, he could no longer find the passage because it was completely covered in leaves. Although it was discovered in 1991, scientists only dared in 2009 to enter this cave, and it wasn’t open for public until the year 2012.

When we say that this cave is the largest in the world, we really do not exaggerate. Although not fully explored, the overall dimensions of this cave are incredible. It is 8 kilometers long, 150 meters wide and 198 meters high. To get to this cave you need about a day’s walk through the jungle. Not to speak of physically demanding obstacles in the cave itself. So you will for sure need about 3,000 euros to hire a local guide. In 2016, only 500 licenses were issued. To get to the cave, you must first descend through a huge rock called the “Great Wall of Wit”. When you descend, the scene is scary, but the bottom view is impressive. In the cave, there is a real jungle whose herb species are still waiting to be explored.

In 2019, another part of the cave was discovered and it became even bigger

After scientists from the British Cave Research Association, BCRA studied and measured a newly discovered cave, they declared it the largest in the world – so large that it could fit 40 skyscrapers in the city of New York. The cave also had its microclimate and various landscapes. For example, it contained two impressive jungles. So far, only about 30 percent of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park has been explored, so many more discoveries are waiting for us.

In April 2019, three British divers scampered to explore the underwater caves of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam. During the dive, they discovered a new underwater tunnel linking Son Doong (Cave of a mountain river) with another huge cave named Hang Thung. This could be compared with the fact that someone discovered an additional top on Everest, which would make the mountain even higher by 1000 meters. That is how impressive this discovery is.

Hang son Dong is also a cave with the largest collection of cave beads composed of calcium carbonate. The cave also has its own “beach” camp so you can sleep in it too. The cave pool is impressive too because due to reflection it creates an optical illusion.