This club is founded for the purposes of promoting, advancing and affirming speleology in the United Kingdom; gathering, coordinating and improving the quality of work, development, encouragement, and guidance of expert; scientific and applied research of speleological objects and areas in which they occur; promotion and improvement of technical culture, protection of nature and environment, sustainable use of tourist and other speleological facilities. Our goal is also to raise public awareness of the specificities, significance, and necessity of conservation of speleological objects.

Club members initially with little equipment and experience explored the surrounding caves and pits, and later with gaining the experience, they began to participate in organizing and researching caves and pits in almost all areas of the UK. They also participate in research outside the UK, all around the world. We have hosted many foreign speleologists throughout the year.

Today, the club in its Archive contains data for most of the speleological objects in the country, for which the survey logs and accompanying drawings have been filled, and are regularly entered into the state speleological cadastre. Much of the speleological facilities were explored during speleological camps and expeditions organized by the club almost every year, and we are very proud of that.

The club is sponsored by Netmore.com which we would like to thank for the support over the years. Furthermore, we will be embarking on an interesting adventure using their m2m technology to measure moisture, heat, and oxygen levels in several caves in the UK. Look out for more news coming weeks.